Creative Writing for Kids

This class is for kids who want to explore styles of writing, collaborate with their friends and share their creations. It also is a class that can help reluctant writers develop a love for writing, while improving skills.

It is an active class, and the kids will work together often. This class will be student-directed. If the kids are loving one genre of writing, then the class can spend extra time on it.

This class can be tailored for student organizations and groups that would like to explore creative writing.

Styles of writing the students can explore:

Reviews – The class will bring out their inner critics comparing and contrasting Pixar shorts. Kids will learn the necessary elements of a reviews, as well as how to support their opinions with facts. (Reviews are a middle school writing requirement in New Jersey.)

News Stories – The class will explore the inverted pyramid used in hard news writing and convert children’s tales from narrative style to news style. The students will write their own inverted pyramid news stories.

Persuasive – Here’s their chance to convince their parents of something such as: They shouldn’t have homework or they need more three-day weekends or they should get a pet! We will examine what makes a compelling argument in writing. (Persuasive writing is a middle school writing requirement in New Jersey.)

How-to – Kids are experts in many things. They will teach the class how to do something they know best! Many kids chose to use a multimedia approach. (How-Tos are a middle school writing requirement in New Jersey.)

Poetry –  The kids will listen to and write poems focusing on sound strategies such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhythm, assonance and consonance. The teacher has a fabulous tool to make these concepts easy, fun and memorable.

Creative –  Students can extend one of their story starters or begin fresh on their own imaginary tale.  

The kids will learn literary devices and conventions but Shh! Keep that quiet! They’ll never know they are learning! They will be practicing three types of writing that are required in middle school in New Jersey.